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hey guys please sign my petition to have Nintendo rename Bowser to “big sexy”

this kong’s… one h*ll of a guy

there’s something about seeing callout posts that deeply unsettles me

like obviously there’s something unsettling about having to accept that a seemingly nice or popular person could be doing horrible things behind closed doors

but there’s something more to the way it makes me feel that I can’t put my finger on


this is a callout post about AO3/tumblr user sunbreaksdown, who now goes by swapcats. these events happened roughly 7 years ago, and at that time she went by the name icor.

sunbreaksdown, whose name is sam, was in a relationship with me for a year while i was 16/17 years old and she was 19/20 years old. she willfully engaged in sexual activities with me on numerous occasions, frequently initiating them herself. she was arrested for having sex with a minor (me), and went to prison for 2 months in the state of california while she was visiting me.

what happened between us ruined my life, and i need to finally speak about this publicly. 

receipts are here on this blog.

#nsfw #csa #abuse #child abuse #underage #suicide #self harm

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*character in crime show comes on screen*

*scary music plays in a “subtle” manner*

oh okay so he’s the serial killer, gotcha

comedy: saying “what’s the deal with BLANK” where the blank is either some innocuous object nobody should reasonably need to wonder what’s the deal with, or something so surreal you have to wonder how only just now someone is asking what the deal with it is

my friend Faux has put up another episode of Faux’s Fears! and if you want to catch up, here’s parts one and two! wow okay that sounds like advertising shill but seriously if you like horror let’s plays check it out


When someone reblogs an ancient post from your blog, one that wasn’t even tagged  


Oh shit yeah Megamind is on TV

Today just got way better

Why is it so hard to fall asleep when napping

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