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Every Dorito is a triangle but not every triangle is a Dorito

did you just make a contrapositive statement about doritos

MSPARP was down for a bit last night so I checked Cherubplay in its stead and man I still don’t understand how people can put up a post with like 3-4 long paragraphs and say “please match paragraph length”


a guy can only say so much in a single post before he’s just resorting to needless padding

unless you want me to spend more than half of each post going deep into the intricacies of my character’s thoughts and backstory, I don’t see how any more than one to two paragraphs is necessary

so I totally forgot to post this earlier by my friend did another horror game playthrough!! so if you enjoyed seeing him scream last time you’ll enjoy this too

I feel bad for companies who try to imitate the “bizarre Tumblr advertising” thing that Denny’s does

because Denny’s singehandedly created the genre, ran it into the ground, and reconstructed it ironically, and no other company can repeat that magic

step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order



look okay i for some reason got really drunk on beer and it was really uncomfortable so i took a nap and i woke up and do not hae a shirt and also i have downloaded a folder of every single instance of sugimoto in the manga (i think??)

im like sandy cheeks waking up from hibernation. “And when did I acquire all these portraits of patrick????”

listen if you ask for certain things i will provide you with them

When I was 13 I was eating these spicy breath mints all day every day and would suck on them from the center of my tongue. I did this so much that eventually I burned all the buds away there for a few months.

if that’s what you were doing at 13 I can’t fathom how hardcore you must be now

Friday, September 19, 2014




is there a trick to enjoying spicy food or do you have to just eat it until you get stockholm syndrome

Is there an emojii for rubbing your temples because this isn’t serious

is there a trick to not enjoying spicy food or are people just that fucking weak

listen I didn’t ask to be born with the whitest taste buds on the planet and I would not have picked them if given the choice

what are your thoughts on college?


plays very similar to melee. wavedashing has been removed




Vic Mignogna signed my Death Note three years ago. I think it’s defective…

Defective? Don’t forget that writing a name in the death note WITHOUT a description of death will result in a heart attack. Writing it WITH a description of death will make it follow those guidelines.

By writing ‘Don’t Kill Me!’ in your Deathnote, Vic has essentially made himself immortal. Congratulations! ;)

There is a God and it is Vic

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