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Amandla Stenberg as Clementine

Idris Elba as Lee Everett


formula for a good holiday text post: i LOVE (holiday) i’m going to stick (holiday related item) up my ASS

I LOVE my birthday I’m goning to stick MYSELF up my ASS

oh my god so a long long time ago when I was just like 10 or so we got a call from some person who was really angry and insisting that I had kicked her dog and I was like “uhhh you must have the wrong number BYE” and hung up and started freaking out about it for the better part of the afternoon

now I was just listening to an Achievement Hunter episode and apparently that used to be a very common kind of prank call. it was a joke all along. there was never an angry woman coming after me for dog kicking

every time you think you’ve heard the Worst brony story, it turns out there’s one even worse

suddenly and inexplicably kinda sad and lonely: the up-past-midnight experience

how is it 12:30 already. why. stop. turn back the clock a ltitle

Monday, April 21, 2014

*buys you chicken nuggets*

are u aroused yet

"oh hey Persona 4 is now available on the PS3, I can finally find out why it’s so popular"

*spins around to look at the PS3 and realizes it’s not there*




any zoom level that isn’t a multiple of 50% results in earth sliding sideways

ah yes, the classic “ignore people who need to zoom” school of web design

this is so fucking ridiculous

I love Vines that use the “oh ho ho it’s magic, you knowwww” song



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