*SUPER ROMEO + JULIET RPG DEMO OUT NOW* hey I'm Trace and I'm a 20 year old cis dude (he/him) living in Canada. I do things like writing and making jokes. sometimes I talk about fandoms. if you're looking for SUPER ROMEO & JULIET RPG it's not actually a finished thing. yet. check my about me for more info HTML hit counter - Quick-counter.net  people die when they are killed

well I’d better go to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and then decide fuck it, I’m still sick, I’m going back to bed

our photoshop professor has us submit assignments through a public dropbox and as a result I can look through other people’s submissions and scope out the competition

this week’s assignment is to photoshop together a bunch of animals and make it look realistic and one person photoshopped the doge head onto their animal

I love everyone in this bar

Vector your reputation precedes you

Vector your reputation precedes you

"A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill" by Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P


"A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup" from Sonic Adventure 2

a lot of people are adding angry tags to my 9 fave pics post. good. you’ll only make me stronger

lord help me I’m gaining followers for this

nine favourite pictures: onceler

this took way too long but it was worht it

I have to do something

[Onceler voice] bippering

punghosthere replied to your post: it’s alarming how often Bipper is draw…

how bip me be

[background singers] haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

it’s alarming how often Bipper is drawn with a look that highly resembles the Onceler


Reasons Gravity Falls is a bad show:

  • repetitive character design. if you look closely the two main characters have extremely similar features
  • use of secret codes and ciphers even though most of the fanbase speaks english. inconsiderate.
  • unrealistic standards for triangles
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