hey I'm Trace and I'm a 20 year old cis dude (he/him) living in Canada. I do things like writing and making jokes. sometimes I talk about fandoms. if you're looking for SUPER ROMEO & JULIET RPG it's not actually a finished thing. yet. check my about me for more info HTML hit counter - Quick-counter.net  people die when they are killed
Trace I'm pretty sure you're everyone's waifu

I’m the trashiest of them all

maybe the real trash was the friendships we made along the way

alright that’s it folks we’re done here we can all go home satisfied

Your husbandos have got to go, your waifus will ruin your laifu. Learn this lesson learn it well, lest be doomed to yiff in hell

a tragic poem

why does everyone hate Turnabout Big Top. was it the memes??? or did it not have… the RIGHT memes

spouso/spousu. now they, too, can be trash

meowgon said: enbu

newformaggio said:nonbinary… o

look at what you three have done

trace is there a gender neutral term for waifu/husbando

not to my knowledge, and I think the nonbinary people out there are all better off that way

trace what if im my own husbando

then you’re trash duh

but trace, what if YOU are my waifu

*looks in the mirror*

all this time…… was the trash

My waifu is French Absurdist playwright Jean Genet have I been doing this wrong

your waifu is trash? probably? who the fuck is French Absurdist playwright Jean Genet

How about we admit that we're all waifu loving trash?

okay I will gladly admit that I can go a little overboard in professing my love for Jade Harley and ironic waifu jokes are funny enough but real talk: I find the concept of a ‘waifu’, when taken seriously, to be rather creepy

trace plz don't lie accept your fate. accept that your waifu lovin trash

this ask isn’t valid because you forgot to bold trash

trace tell me that my husbandos are trash i need this

every single one of your husbandos is trash and I would repeat the word trash as many times as you have husbandos but I don’t actually know the number of trash husbandos you have so I’m just gonna stick with three

my waifu is sonia nevermind

you think I’m going to be afraid to say your waifu is trash because I actually love Sonia Nevermind a ton and think she’s a really great character but the unavoidable fact is that I am completely unafraid and your waifu is trash

sayaka miki is my waifu

your waifu status: trash


the joke’s on you I don’t have a waifu because I have better things to do with my time than hang out on /a/ and pine over anime girls

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