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Okay but imagine:

  • Peter Parker going to a fan convention as Spiderman
  • Peter Parker getting compliments on his Spiderman costume
  • Peter Parker entering a Spiderman Costume Contest
  • Peter Parker losing said contest
  • Peter Parker losing the contest to Deadpool

friendlyneighborhoodspidertits replied to your post: it is so unbelievably sad and pathetic…

This also applies to people who make fake anti-sjw blogs for trolling/strawman destroying purposes because in general this is just a load of bullshit by all parties involved.

can you find me a single example of a clearly fake anti-sjw blog, let alone one that reaches the same level of the fake sjw blogs

like seriously

the blogs I’m talking about are barely even strawmen at this point they’re just big messy piles of hay that anti-sjws are stubbornly pretending still look like a human

it is so unbelievably sad and pathetic that there are people making fake, over-the-top “SJW” blogs for the sake of mocking gender identities, mental illnesses, and every other “SJW” trait they can think of

like jesus christ what the fuck is your problem???? mocking real people wasn’t enough for you so you spend your time creating fake people who make for easier targets?????????? get a fucking life oh my god

home from work


  • done the first of three nine hour shifts in a row


  • two more nine hour shifts next week
  • my boss didn’t give me the time off I requested for some godforsaken reason I’ll have to ask her about next time I’m there
  • my everything is sore

michael bay, m. night shyamalan and tim burton make a movie


it was an explosion….or was it? starring johnny depp………………………………………..

While putting out cans of AXE I accidentally pressed the trigger on one and now the scent of desperate bro clings to me

ridiculously over the top punches are my aesthetic


reposting from twitter because i’ve been laughing about this all afternoon 


reposting from twitter because i’ve been laughing about this all afternoon 


Hedwig Buckbeak Potter, you were named after some hella winged animals hella rad high five son

wow I can’t wait to spend nine hours in the RETAIL  HELL  CUBE once a day for three days

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