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I don’t wanna go to bed but alas I think I must bid you all adieu for this evening

good night everyone!! see ya tomorrow

why am I so tired……

*looks at clock, it’s 1:00*


opinion on foot fetishes/foot worship

I don’t really have a strong opinion on feet. as long as they’re clean I’m down with foot stuff but it’s not a big thing for me. but go ahead and worship feet all you want, more power to you

Head, shoulders, knees, or toes?



okay I’ll do humans and some trolls

Jade’s boobs are HIGHLY VARIABLE due to her space powers. I generally like to think of them as big. but who knows, it depends on how she feels

Jane’s are big as well, to fit her Grandmotherly Aesthetic

Rose… shrug. kind of medium I guess. I have no strong opinions on them

Roxy’s are small and she’s annoyed by that because she thinks people would appreciate her more if they weren’t

I’ve always kinda liked the idea of Nepeta growing up to be rather busty but keeping them under a sports bra because jeez, these things get in the way when I’m hunting, why the fuck do I need them

size doesn’t matter for Vriska because she will insist, no matter what, that they are the 8est 8oo8s. also she has seven nipples on one side and one nipple on the other side. to match her eye

Feferi has 38D cups. this fact is indisputable. even in realities where she is not born with breasts of this size she will eventually acquire them because the universe wills it to be so

logically Calliope probably doesn’t have boobs but think about every fanart that draws her with large breasts and now imagine Caliborn with them. isn’t that hilarious

all boob headcanons subject to change. the author recognizes that not all female characters must necessarily have boobs, as not all real life women do. is the word boob starting to look weird to anybody else

honestly these questions are tamer than I expected given how many weird anon messages I’ve gotten in the past

perhaps I could egg you on by giving you the link to my…..¬†nsfw blog

in your opinion, what's the silliest homestuck theory you ever read?

oh god I can’t remember it but I know there was one that I laughed for ages about

in lieu of the one I tragically can’t recall the details of, I will instead posit that the silliest theories are any that continue to insist that Calliope will turn out to have been the bad guy all along

top 5 kinks + bottom 5 kinks

this is a hard one, they change all the time

I can tell you right now my bottom five is some combo of stuff like gore, trauma, other stuff I’d rather not mention

as for top five… nrgh

honestly does vanilla sex count?? I’m counting it. oral is definitely major. anything with breast focus is great. casual nudity is pretty fun. dictionary dot com defines autophilia as narcissism which means I can now enjoy it on TWO levels. oh that reminds me #selfcest is hella. I’ve already said more than five

do you take smut fic requests and if so what fetishes WONT u do

well I won’t stop you from asking but you should be aware that I have only published a grand total of three fics in the past year

give us ur kinkiest sexcanon

Jade has sexe boobs

also on the note of TMI tuesday: have you ever legit jacked it to homesmut


oooh yes homestuck sexcanons!!! out of all the kids, name the top 4 that are most likely to unironically call genitals by funny names like Hoohah and Dingle
  1. Jake
  2. Jane
  3. John
  4. Meulin
homestuck sexcanons who is the sexiest sexer (actual hc question: who gives the best hugs of the cast)

the sexiest sexer is……………………… Nanna

she also gives the best hugs. Jade and Nepeta are close seconds. Feferi also gives nice hugs but you have to deal with the smell of dried rotting seaweed and blubber

so this was the secret to getting attention all along

so this was the secret to getting attention all along

also it’s TMI Tuesday

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